The Balanced Body - A Pilates Studio


Karen Matison has the great fortune of being the daughter of an orthopedic surgeon, which piqued her interest in the human body. This was combined with a love of movement, which remains to this day.

As a child, adolescent, and adult, Karen studied dance, yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, and tennis. She is also an avid hiker and cyclist. When she “discovered” Pilates in 1987, she felt that she could now merge her interest in the body and movement with her desire to do something of great value for people. She received her certification from St. Francis Memorial Hospital in 1989.

A dedicated lifetime learner, Karen has been influenced by Pilates Elder Eve Gentry and the work of Pino Carbone (inventor of Master Stretch Boots, the Elvis Pelvis, and large equipment such as the Geometrix).

Karen also studied with Jean-Claude West, a renowned kinesiologist who shifted a paradigm by combining knowledge of human biomechanics with the Pilates repertory. She received additional inspiration and insight by attending The Dance Medicine Practicum at Westside Dance Physical Therapy in New York City, taught by the well-known Marika Molnar, PT, and her outstanding staff.

Karen has alliances with physical therapists, doctors, strength coaches, and body workers, all in pursuit of understanding the needs of the body. She completed certification with Sara Meeks, a leading authority on using exercise to improve bone health. And she continues to attend lectures that address the latest advances in back care, osteoporosis management, knee rehabilitation, and other medical developments.

When a client comes to work with Karen, this immense background is drawn upon to meet the client’s unique needs and interests. Karen’s commitment to her professional development facilitates the evolution of her work and results in healthy, strong, and flexible bodies.