The Balanced Body - A Pilates Studio

About The Balanced Body

All athletes, and increasingly people in the general population committed to their health, understand the value of keeping strong, coordinated, agile and balanced through all phases of life. We also know from medical research how learning new ways to move increases our brain’s capacity and memory.

Pilates is the perfect complement to other forms of training and activity. It is a well known fact that Pilates enhances sports performance. We have helped people whose passions are running, training at the gym, hiking, playing tennis, golf, racquet sports, swimming, cycling, skiing, riding horses, skating, virtually all sports pursuits and all forms of dance.

Athletes aren’t the only ones served by Pilates. We also help people who are challenged by stroke, neurological issues, aging, and accidents.

Pilates is often a cross-training method that prevents chronic sports injury, as well as chronic pain attributed to everyday life, sedentary jobs, stress and aging.

Often, sports participation does not lead to good posture and may actually cause muscular imbalance. Pilates focuses on posture and balance - something that everyone needs.

We look forward to helping you, whatever your needs, background or goals. We will design a program that specifically addresses you. There is no ideal shape, fitness level, or competitive goal one needs to begin their Pilates. Just a willingness to improve one’s function and one’s life.